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West Coast Building Biology

Are you concerned about all the chemicals in products?
Have you ever wondered about the health effects of Wi-Fi?
Would you like to build a healthy home?

We create healthy indoor spaces

West Coast Building Biology helps families and businesses create healthy indoor spaces that support happiness and vitality. We can check your home, school and workplace for health hazards like chemicals and mould, and we offer practical solutions that give you peace of mind.

Our range of Building Biology services includes indoor air quality testing, mould and moisture checks, electromagnetic field (EMF) audits and drinking water reviews. We also offer advice on healthy building design and options for healthier building materials and furnishings.

We service a wide range of areas in southwest Western Australia, including Bunbury, Busselton, Mandurah, Capel, Donnybrook, Dardanup, Collie, Dunsborough and Margaret River.

West Coast Building Biology is a proud member of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists (ASBB), founded in 2007.

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There are tens of thousands of industrial chemicals used in products, but only a tiny fraction of those have been tested for human health.

Tania Busslinger – Building Biologist

Tania completed her Diploma of Building Biology training at the Australian College of Environmental Studies under the guidance of Australia’s leading expert on healthy indoor environments, Nicole Bijlsma.

Tania is a local West-Australian, born and raised on a farm in the Avon Valley. She is the mother of three adult children, and a qualified fitness trainer. In her role as a Building Biologist Tania works with homeowners and renters, businesses, and professionals including doctors, naturopaths and people working in the fields of pregnancy and childhood.

Tania brings a friendly and caring style to her work as a Building Biologist and is passionate about helping people live long, healthy and productive lives. To chat, call 0418 928 301 or email tania@westcoastbuildingbiology.com.au.

What is Building Biology?

Building Biology is a rapidly growing science that measures all the different ways that buildings can affect human health. It started in Germany last century and today it is becoming an essential service for people who want to live in a healthy environment.

The average person spends more than 90% of their life indoors so buildings can have a big effect on a person’s health. Building Biologists are trained to detect a wide range of indoor health hazards, most of which are invisible to the naked eye. We use scientific testing and recommend solutions based on expert research and data from public health specialists.

Does your home, workplace or school have a healthy indoor environment? Find out by using the services of a qualified Building Biologist!

Building Biology Services

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality in your home can be affected by toxic pollutants like asbestos, bacteria, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (chemicals from building materials & household products) and particulate matter, including dust and animal faeces. These pollutants can cause short-term problems like headaches and tiredness, and long-term health issues like lung disease (US EPA, 2018).


Mould and Moisture Detection

Mould and dampness is linked to health problems like asthma, respiratory infections and sinus (Healthy WA, 2018). You can be exposed to mould by breathing in mould spores or by touching mouldy surfaces.

Dampness in buildings is a major factor in mould growth. We can check for water damage and dampness and inspect your building for mould problems.


Drinking Water Assessment

Drinking water can be polluted by traces of sewage, pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals, and pollutants from the water distribution pipes. Water is also affected by the chemicals that are used to make it ‘safe’ for drinking.

West Coast Building Biology can assess your tap, tank and bottled water and help you choose the best options for water filtration.


Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Audits

Electricity is an essential part of our lives, and modern devices like Wi-Fi have brought us opportunities that we’ve never had before. But it’s important to be cautious. Our bodies are often bombarded with electric and magnetic energy from hundreds of different sources, and now research is starting to show us links between EMFs and health issues like cancer.

West Coast Building Biology can measure EMFs at your home, school or workplace and find out if you’re being exposed to potential dangers..


Healthy Building Design and Material Selection

Are you building a new home? Would you like to make it as healthy as possible? We can help you every step of the way. We can assess building sites (by checking the surrounding area for health hazards), liaise with your architect or builder, and research and recommend suitable building materials and interior finishes.

Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals and create a healthy living space that supports your wellbeing.


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Radio frequency (RF) transmitters carrying mobile phone signals are a big concern for Building Biologists. As award-winning science writer B. Blake Levitt says, “We simply don’t know what a safe level of RF radiation is, yet we continue to increase our exposure to it every day”.

Is your home, school or workplace making you sick?

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